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5G digital support system (Empower ecosystem for 5G new business growth)


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Thursday November 5th at 09:00 CET.

Join by Zoom: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/3994062286?pwd=SnZrZkw2Yk5YdGpBZ1oyYVFBWjYwQT09
Friday November 6th at 09:00 CET.
Join via the Agenda: 5G digital support system (Empower ecosystem for 5G new business growth) - Catalyst demo

4G has powered breakthroughs in the communication, manufacturing and software service industries. Although consumer growth is slowing, the enterprise sector offers fresh growth opportunities for communications service providers (CSPs) – particularly through 5G-powered applications. Through 5G, operators will be central to enabling inter-industry cooperation and solving the pain points of existing enterprise support. 

In order to serve these industries at scale, communications service providers (CSPs) must establish an end-to-end all online digital support system. The Catalyst demonstrates China Unicom's 5g digital support system for enterprise customers, providing excellent customer support experience. It allows vertical customers to search, select, order and monitor the services provided by communicators online, including AI, network slicing, edge computing and other technologies. This is enabled through business, operation and management domain data, combined with big data analysis. It provides users with end-to-end solutions and online closed-loop support for customer service processes. With the support of these functions and platforms, the core business processes will be optimized and the business support lifecycle will be accelerated. The solution will be demonstrated in a medical industry scenario but could easily be deployed in many other verticals.

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