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# Autonomous Networks & the Edge
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# Beyond Connectivity
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Telecom operators want to be true digital partners for their enterprise customers. They are looking beyond individual network connectivity or OTT service offers to provide integrated and managed solution offerings, packaging various connectivity, SD-WAN, security, and OTT components. 
Today, most enterprise products and offers are custom-built and involve a lot of complex manual processes. Telcos need to embrace agility and automation in their business processes and operations to support these integrated and managed solutions. In parallel, there is a need to empower enterprise customers with greater self-service experiences. 
Telcos should be able to quickly roll out new variants of these solutions as required by different enterprises and they should be able to provide an integrated experience across different components. Telcos need to be able to dynamically onboard customers and partners for managed solutions. This Catalyst takes “digital workplace” as a reference solution and explores leveraging and enhancing standards such as TOSCA, Network-as-a-Service (NaaS), TM Forum’s Open Digital Architecture (ODA), Information Framework, and  Open APIs to deliver seamless, dynamic business operations and outcomes tailored to the needs of enterprise customers.

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