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Company Overview

With the emergence of 5G, Digital Service Providers (DSPs) need to transform their business assurance solutions to support the dynamism and complexity that 5G offers. Business Assurance must adopt artificial intelligence, machine learning and Open API’s for the 5G verticals’ digital ecosystems to support the DSP’s business goals of improved revenue and customer experience beyond the traditional value chain.

This Catalyst demonstrates how DSPs can apply AI and machine learning to credit, fraud, and customer experience data to provide key services built on 5G. The project also contributes to innovative industry concepts and practices while providing multiple benefits to the DSP including more efficient AI-driven revenue assurance and fraud management to ensure the customers experience quality operations via open APIs using the 5G network.

Two use cases will be demonstrated:
a)    Subscriber enters sports arena and is placed into appropriate slice based on churn, fraud, debt, and customer experience score
b)    Certain subscribers provided offer to temporarily upgrade to a better class of service for the duration of event
c) Due to the coronavirus pandemic, government/healthcare providers are paying the CSP on behalf of a patient for a limited-time 5G premium bandwidth slice that enables telemedicine services for at-home patients. Upon recovery, the CSP offers the subscriber an upsell to retain that premium bandwidth
The AI-driven business assurance system will determine scores, slices, and subscribers to target to ensure the best services are provided to the customers, thus improving the DSP’s business goals of increased revenue and improved customer experience.

Team member: in addition Sophie NACHMAN Orange, Standards Project Director
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