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AI empowered 5G intelligent operations
Beijing, China


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Company Overview

At the TM Forum Autonomous Networks Summit 2020 in Beijing, China, the General Manager of China Mobile's Network Department delivered a speech titled "AI Enables Autonomous Driving Network and Practices 5G+", which explained the new challenges brought by 5G and called for intelligent network capabilities. This Catalyst project is an in-depth exploration into TM Forum autonomous networks (AN) work, with contributions from both China Mobile and industry partners. China Mobile vigorously promotes the research and practice of autonomous networks:

  • Operation + AI: Intelligent mining of mass data helps detect hidden risks, locate the root causes of alarms, and intelligently preprocess faults, improving operation and maintenance efficiency.
  • Network + AI: Intelligent analysis of performance indicators helps proactively identify and automatically process poor-quality services, improving network quality.
  • Business + AI: Intelligent modeling based on home network characteristics and customer intents helps accurately identify and solve customer complaints, improving customer experience.


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