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App trading marketplace : A framework for CSP collaboration - Phase II


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Company Overview

Rapid advancements with each generation of technology have not necessarily improved margins for CSPs. In some cases, especially in the retail sector, it has driven CSPs into a vicious cycle of ‘more investment – more data – lower rates.’ Hence across the world, CSPs are forced to embrace digital disruption as a survival tactic, rather than a differentiator. Compared to its predecessors, 5G promises to expand the user base from ever-saturated humans to machines and truly act as a disruptor in the B2B segment.

CSPs have a unique position in the market with their infrastructure assets while sitting on a gold mine of connected and trusted customers. So, the solutions which are proposed in this Catalyst project will enable them to use their strong trusted customer relationship and connectivity-base as a competitive advantage to bring out a new wide range of services including IaaS, SaaS, PaaS, and NaaS solutions.

The project will demonstrate a marketplace that is empowered by CSP’s capabilities and success stories which could be shared with other CSPs from noncompetitive geographies. Also, it will focus on how the marketplace can be leveraged to collaborate with enterprises and CSP capabilities to enable new B2B services. The overall objective of the project is to demonstrate an end-to-end platform which will enable CSPs to align to TM Forum Open Digital Architecture and Open APIs standards and embrace the Digital Platform Ecosystem Business to become a digital champion in delivering new digital services and assets to consumers and enterprise customers.

The award-winning Phase 1 of the project demonstrated seamless partner onboarding, product onboarding, the configuration in the product catalog, and end-user consumption.

Phase 2 features extended use-cases, complexity, and partners and is focused on the B2B opportunity for enterprises and CSPs with 5G related use cases. It demonstrates how SD-WAN could be used to facilitate smart surveillance. 5G is a true enabler of SD-WAN because it provides high bandwidth and (ultra) low latency in locations where fixed-line networks may not be available. It also offers advantages to enterprise because it can be made available almost immediately, without the standard wait times for connection to service providers’ fixed-line networks. 

Phase 2 also features new capabilities and offerings in the marketplace including native SaaS and ITaaS products. The goal of Phase 2 is to provide end-to-end marketplace capabilities based on TM Forum standards with support for partner and CSP self-serve onboarding and the ability to create or re-define SaaS, ITaaS, and telecom services according to marketplace standards.

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