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Company Overview

The telecommunications industry is at a crossroads. Revenues and margins from traditional mobile and landline services are shrinking. Yet, the advent of 5G brings a huge market opportunity to deliver new services and enhanced experiences to both consumers and businesses. 
At the same time, there has been a huge shift to the cloud and subscription-based services across all industries. Designed from the ground up to bill for any kind of product in any way, Aria is in the unique position to enable CSPs to “future proof” themselves and monetize any offering, whether it’s a traditional network service or not. 
We have had tremendous success helping companies in other industries bring new services to market without a heavy lift from the IT organization. We are now focused on replicating that success in the telecommunications industry by helping CSPs launch new and differentiated services with dramatically increased speed by empowering business users in a no-code, configuration-based platform.
Aria provides the only cloud-native, SaaS billing and monetization platform that is both robust and scalable enough to help Communications Services Providers (CSPs) seize new market opportunities. The agility of Aria’s platform allows CSPs to meet the demands of their customers by enabling them to quickly deploy a wide range of monetization models across all types of products and bundles.

For more details about Aria Systems, contact Allison Barlaz.

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