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# 5G
# Autonomous Networks & the Edge
# Beyond Connectivity
# AI, Data & Analytics
# Automation and Orchestration solutions
# Network and communications infrastructure
# IoT
# Proof-of-concept
# Autonomous Networks
# Edge Computing
# Network Automation
# Open Digital Architecture
# Cloud Native IT & Agility
# Business Transformation
# Network Automation Solutions
# IT Automation and Orchestration Solutions

Company Overview

Please Join our next Catalyst LIVE Workshop on Thursday November 5th at 17:00 CET.
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Advancements in simplified networks, agile IT, and intelligent IoT solutions powered by end-to-end Autonomous Networks enable a zero-x (zero-wait, zero-touch, zero-trouble, and zero-friction) experience for end customers and communications service providers ( CSPs), unlocking new offerings and potential revenue streams for Smart-X industries, including city, entertainment, manufacturing, healthcare, agriculture. 

This Catalyst demonstrates how application of Autonomous Networks (AN) facilitates seamless management, deployment, and operations and promotes TM Forum’s Autonomous Networks Framework by testing some of the key concepts related to autonomous domain, intent-based automation, closed loops, and self-operating capabilities (self-service, self-fulfillment and self-assurance etc). The project illustrates a full life cycle of Autonomous Networks solutions and its requirements for dynamic business processes and models by leveraging cutting edge technologies like 5G, edge, AI, and virtualization.

Once Autonomous Networks are in place, B2B companies like smart cities and service providers, B2C customers, digital service providers and telecom service providers will benefit from enhanced quality of seamless experience and improved operational efficiency with end to end life cycle complexity hidden behind the scenes and with experience assurance built-in. The new Autonomous Networks framework enables greater agility and provides best practices for much faster launch of new services and solutions. 

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