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Company Overview


The telecoms industry needs to increase the percentage of revenues coming from the B2B market, where there is great competition due to large internet companies moving into infrastructure and business services. To address that, communications service providers (CSPs) must seek revenues beyond simple connectivity-based services and move toward a NaaS, service-based portfolio.

This project facilitates the cost-effective end-to-end management of the network services lifecycle. It supports the delivery of NaaS services for B2B clients through the application of artificial intelligence (AI) to the network operation (AIOps), enabling, for example, the automatic prevention of failures and outages.

Boosting AIOps for Full Hybrid NaaS will allow telco operators to own the customer relationship for the B2B market, which generates more than half of company revenues.  This will boost customer loyalty and allow telcos to proactively respond to incidents or business interruption threats – ultimately, reducing customer complaints.

The project will deliver a NaaS platform, using mainly open source components, for on-boarding, fulfillment, assurance and billing of NaaS services. It will also demonstrate how telco operators can expand their networks by using shared networks from third-party partners to meet B2B clients’ high expectations.

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