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BOS: An implementation of ODA core commerce management - Phase II
Paris, France


# Cloud Native IT & Agility
# Proof-of-concept

Company Overview

In phase II of this BOS catalyst, we are showcasing two key capabilities in the development of the ODA reference implementation that further realize the establishment of a componentized, cloud-native BSS/OSS architecture that enables complete lifecycle automation providing truly plug and play software capabilities.

The first demonstrates an interoperable multi-vendor environment for powerful integration and seamless automation in the ODA canvas illustrated through practical use cases involving online charging, product catalogue and channel orchestration exercising a number of TMF Open APIs.

The second expands the real-life applicability of ODA, as a standard for component integration & operation across heterogeneous hybrid or multi-cloud operating environments, in this example Google Cloud ODA Canvas-hosted components interoperating with Oracle Cloud SaaS components. It explores the Canvas infrastructure and common services requirements and the role of external component proxies in the ODA Canvas, illustrated by use cases involving SaaS Product Catalog and Customer Support services interoperating with Canvas-hosted Billing Account Management and Customer Billing Components.

Expanding beyond Core Commerce Management, this phase of BOS also touches Engagement Management, Party Management and Production blocks of the ODA functional architecture. BOS highlights the value of ODA in enabling software-defined interoperability between glass-box and black-box components from multiple vendors, even across different operating environments.

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