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# 5G
# The Human Factor
# Beyond Connectivity
# APIs
# Network and communications infrastructure
# IoT
# Digital Ecosystems
# Proof-of-concept
# Edge Computing
# Business Transformation

Company Overview

Please Join our next Catalyst Live Demo on Thursday November 5th at 10:00 CET.
Join by Zoom: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/5269954485?pwd=eTl1ZHVYN3cwclVBNlBSWkZJbElSdz0

Developer is King! shifts the spotlight to the developers, an overlooked area in the ecosystem but one with lots of opportunities. This Catalyst will demonstrate how various business models between operators and developers require new capabilities and tools in order to create new value propositions. 

The Developer Is King! Catalyst is the finale to the 5G Catalyst trilogy championed by Globe Telecom and KDDI. 5G network is the operator’s only chance to shed its legacy baggage (from 2G to 4G) since it is a brand new network to be built ground up with a service oriented architecture using HTTP-based interfaces. In the 5G Patisserie Catalyst, end-to-end network slicing supported by orchestration and automation within and across the IT & Network domains were explored. In the Becoming EDGY Catalyst, a litmus test on the industry’s readiness for edge computing were done since it is a critical enabler for 5G to meet the stringent requirements of mission-critical use cases. The Developer Is King! Catalyst is the finale where we would be able to complete the story of 5G enablement by shifting our focus to the developers whom operators depend on to provide compelling applications to the latter’s customers. By addressing the developers' needs, the operator would benefit as well since time-to-market and cost to introduce such new applications would ideally be reduced tremendously. Operators could also attract developers to co-create compelling applications that are easily portable especially if the operators are running business operations in multiple geographies.

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