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Digital accelerator for faster network infrastructure deployment
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


# Cloud Native IT & Agility
# AI, Data & Analytics
# Autonomous Networks & the Edge
# Beyond Connectivity
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The telecom industry is under pressure to constantly and quickly evolve networks to meet customers’ growing expectations. This is challenging for telcos such as STC, due to a complex mix of systems and services, including fixed line, broadband and mobile. Further, many products and services are delivered using legacy tools, processes and procedures and in partnership with a variety of suppliers and partners.

This scenario makes it difficult to ensure network infrastructure is being deployed in the right place at the right time and to manage the roll-out effectively. 

Further, the lack of digital interfaces with partners’ systems and processes, as well as manual methods for updating databases, reviewing documents and securing approvals, typically lead to network deployment delays.

This Catalyst explores how business process management software (BPMS), Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) and Open APIs can support digital integrations between STC and partners to enable fast, efficient and effective deployments of infrastructure.

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