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Company Overview

Please Join our next Catalyst Live Demo on Thursday November 5th at 11:00 CET.
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Digital platform companies such as Apple and AWS have proven that digital frictionless partnering is the most profitable business tool on the planet.

The Digital Business Marketplace enables non-digital companies looking to deliver secure industry 4.0 and Smart X (where “X” is grid, factory, city, or entertainment etc) solutions for customers “as a service”, to leverage frictionless partnering techniques similar to the digital platform companies, accelerating time to revenue, streamlining customer on-boarding, solution delivery, and operations, thus improving profitability and velocity.

In a post-covid world, enterprise organisations running electric power, airports, borders, hospitals, factories, sports stadiums, theatres, resorts, tourism etc are all seeking ways to dramatically transform services, reduce costs and incorporate end-to-end dynamic protection and response for cyber security. 

Many of the operators of these facilities have defined new use case scenarios which require the latest technologies spanning 5G communications, ICT and software / compute at the edge – sometimes referred to as industry 4.0 and Smart X solutions.  BUT to date, these solutions have all been assembled as projects.

The DBM catalyst leverages “as a service” and partnering techniques similar to the digital platform providers like Apple and AWS, to enable enterprise customers to select, configure, and order solutions in a shopping cart.  Placing the order through one company, the DBM enables companies to seamlessly partner to include all the necessary components and services, and deliver secure industry 4.0 and Smart X solutions “as a service”, accelerating time to revenue, streamlining customer on-boarding, solution delivery, and operations, thus improving profitability and velocity.

In Phase 1, DBM automated the process of device sales through to activation, demonstrating saving 500 person-years of skilled manual pre-provisioning when deploying 3 million IoT devices as secure trusted endpoints, and enabling remote in-life management (previously being manual and equating to 25% of project costs).

Phase 2 expanded the ecosystem of partners, demonstrating how Product Managers from industry-verticals can leverage DBM to shape, deliver and manage industry 4.0 and Smart X offerings for their customers.

Using a “team of teams” approach, Phase 3 is conceived to harden the DBM platform for production by exploring additional ecosystem smart infrastructure functionality and capabilities, e.g. single sign-on, automated cybersecurity threat detection and mitigation, supply chain security that leverages distributed ledger technologies, etc., and testing that these provide the appropriate support for Smart Industry 4.0 “verticals” such as electric microgrids, factory as a service, and smart entertainment..

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