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Enhancing customer experience through digital personalization - Phase II
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


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# Customer engagement solutions
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# Data & analytics
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Company Overview

Please Join our next Catalyst Live Demo on Wednesday November 11th at 11:00 CET.
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Saudi Arabia has a diverse population comprising of citizens and expats from over 100 different nationalities. These digitally engaged individuals expect tailored products and services instantly, on the platform(s) of their preference. It is obvious that the future belongs to whomever owns and manages the interactions with the customer. STC’s digital transformation is about primarily identifying synergies across internal functions, neighbouring industries and untapped growth potential in partner networks while digitizing the customer journeys.

CEMA (Customer Engagement & Monetization) is simply the platform to improve or reinvent business models, while engaging customers contextually using digital channels and social media networks, powered by data-driven insights and artificial intelligence. STC intends to personalize the customer experience from outside-in with a deep understanding of customer lifestyle and behavior leading to an end to end digital experience.

This Catalyst project shares the STC journey and success stories and gives a glimpse of how the platform will evolve in the coming years to achieve one of the key pillars of STC’s digital strategy i.e. reinventing the customer experience in digital platforms.

In this Catalyst project, STC is partnering with SAS for end to end marketing flows and complex event processing, Teradata is empowering the data driven analytics platform while Nokia delivers integration with social media advertisement platforms for an increased customer reach. TCS is the systems integrator, ensuring integrations for the relevant framework as well as for analytical capabilities.

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