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Company Overview

The communication industry is going through fundamental changes, driving new opportunities for growth and differentiation. 
Connected customers, digitalization, virtualization, cloud computing, and 5G are creating operational challenges in a very competitive environment.
Etiya is a leading software provider to the global telecommunications industry, helping CSPs to overcome these challenges and accelerate their digital transformation.
Its catalog-driven, cloud-native and AI-powered portfolio enables CSPs to leverage all the opportunities brought on by the new digital world while improving the customer experience and significantly reducing OPEX.
Becoming digital-ready is possible in a matter of months with Etiya's agile delivery capabilities and the "Connected Customer First" approach which prioritizes the digital customer experience.
Etiya's business processes and business entities are certified to the latest TM Forum standards, TM Forum Frameworx version 17,5, and achieved the highest number of conformant TM Forum Business Process Framework Level 3 Certifications of any vendor.

In 2019, Etiya won the TM Forum Disruptive Innovation Award and the Outstanding Catalyst Innovation Award for the Digital Twins proof of concept project.
Etiya has also been selected as a finalist in the "Beyond Connectivity" category of TM Forum Excellence Awards 2020 with its outstanding digital transformation project.

For more information visit us at www.etiya.com or contact 
Deren Özkepçe and Ayşe Nur Polat.

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