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Network field operations – Next gen safety


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Company Overview

Technology Service Providers have operations technicians/assurance engineers working on thousands of jobs daily in various environments, and ensuring their safety is paramount. Additionally, various tasks may require compliance with legally mandated safety protocols that are tracked for regulatory needs. 

Manual safety inspections add overhead and may be of limited effectiveness while addressing only a small percentage of these jobs. Non-adherence to recommended safety measures may result in safety incidents with attendant costs.This solution integrates AI-enabled cameras, body-worn sensors, drones, and NLP based technology into Field-ops workflows to trigger actions, alerts & notifications that enable active safety awareness help to reduce the need for supervisory inspections.  

The virtual safety assistant makes the Network Field Operations smarter by providing tools and intelligence to improve safety and productivity while automating data collection and compliance tracking. Additionally, the cost savings resulting from reducing safety incidents and workers compensation make it an attractive business case for implementation.

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