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Ready Telco One: Gamified customer journeys enabled by a dynamic ecosystem & marketplace
Châtillon, France


# 5G
# Autonomous Networks & the Edge
# Customer Experience & Trust
# Beyond Connectivity
# AI, Data & Analytics
# APIs
# Product catalog solutions
# Customer engagement solutions
# AI & machine learning
# Data & analytics
# Revenue Management
# Digital Maturity & Transformation
# Digital Ecosystems
# Proof-of-concept
# IT Transformation
# Open Digital Architecture
# Business Transformation

Company Overview

Please Join our next Catalyst LIVE Demo
Tuesday November 10th at 17:30 CET.

Join Via the Agenda: Ready Telco One: Gamified customer journeys enabled by a dynamic partner ecosystem and marketplace

Ready Telco One presents a radical new approach to redefining the relationship between communications service providers (CSPs), partners and consumers. The Catalyst project will demonstrate how CSPs can continuously adapt offers to match the ever-changing services that consumers use daily. It shows how CSPs can become an integral part of their customers' lifestyle, creating new revenue opportunities and benefiting from the rapid evolution of service verticals.  

The Engagement Marketplace proposed by the project provides a platform to create dynamic, contextual service offers, enabling CSPs to combine 3rd party partner products/services with their own into versatile bundles that can be enriched with 5G network capabilities. 

Targeting and customer outreach is driven by AI-tools, giving CSPs and partners optimal and effective engagement with the customer base, taking into consideration audience profiles, contextual data including usage and channel interactions. 

A game-style user experience incites customers to unlock premium services, discounts and improve their loyalty status, whilst experiencing an optimized AI-driven customer journey that continuously moves from phase to phase and from one outcome to the next.   

Service charges are presented to the customer in a consolidated and simple-to-understand bill format which hides the complexity of back-end partner settlements. Behind the scenes revenues are intelligently split and attributed to the respective service partner. 

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