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Company Overview

Scorecard Systems Inc. is the international leader in Business Intelligence and Sales Compensation solutions for broadband, satellite and mobile operators.

  • Improve data quality
  • Rapidly deliver converged fixed/mobile KPIs
  • Reduce commission overpayments
  • Detect customer/sales rep fraud
  • Eliminate legacy hard-coded solutions
  • Expedite merger-related consolidation
  • Automate commission dispute resolution 

Scorecard has developed a methodology that provides the ability to track and match customer activity, regardless of the underlying data. This has culminated in the Subscriber Analysis application that provides a single, common repository to store, manage, and use telecom business rules, and produce industry-standard metrics.

More recently, Scorecard Systems developed Commissions Manager in response to the industry’s need for more accurate commissions payments.

We are unique in our solution space – no other vendor serves the telecom industry with an out-of-the-box solution with household/customer-level KPIs that are controllable by the end user. There are some vendors who sell “data models” or “dashboards”, but these are not the same as industry-proven business rules that are controlled by the business, which generally reduce commission payments by 10% and massively improve understanding of the customer journey.


Scorecard’s Subscriber Analysis application is an industry-leading platform used by over 70 telecom operators to produce more accurate and detailed operational KPI reporting and business intelligence. As operators move away from a subscriber focused environment to a household/ customer strategy, the SAA drives a proven approach that fits with any data warehouse or business intelligence environment, while typically massively reducing commission costs, and putting control of business rules in the hands of business users.

Scorecard’s Commission Manager application provides self-service calculation of sales rep and dealer compensation. Commission plans can be modelled and deployed directly by channel management / finance organizations, providing daily updates to the sales force, and an automated dispute resolution process, which reduces the amount of manual effort by as much as 90%.

For more details about Scorecard, contact Daniel Goncalves.

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