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Smart networks for Smart Cities Catalyst
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Company Overview

Attention!  Main Event rescheduled
New Date/Time:  Tuesday, 3 Nov 2020, 15:30-16:30 CET 

Cities that want to transform their digital future can’t justify the cost and disruption of replicating or modifying resources each time they deploy a new network solution. Existing networks typically don’t support the new requirements for high-bandwidth, ultra-reliable and latency-sensitive use cases. Smart cities need agile networks capable of rapidly integrating new services with minimal operational complexity.

The Smart networks for smart cities Catalyst demonstrates true digital transformation through an open network architecture with TM Forum APIs and an ecosystem of partners to deliver autonomous networking in an end-to-end connectivity service. It showcases an open IoT framework, virtualized applications, automated operations and orchestration between multiple resource domains.

By supporting new 5G use cases, cities will enable better citizen services and economic opportunities for cities and new revenue opportunities for communications service providers (CSPs).

Smart Networks for Smart Cities DTWS 2020 Catalyst Presentation

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