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The Aviator: Enabling multi-vertical innovation through 5G slicing - Phase III


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Company Overview

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The aviation industry today makes significant use of communications technologies in a variety of settings – from best efforts wi-fi to highly secure, low latency passport data processing. Beyond the current pandemic, it is forecast to experience increasing passenger and freight traffic, growing customer expectations, competition and tightening margins.

As a transformative technology, 5G will enable the aviation industry and its partners to reimagine the overall air travel experience, making the journey more efficient and engaging for passengers, creating new revenues, loyalty and efficiencies for airlines and airports and importantly expanding the market for industry vertical solutions from communications service providers (CSPs).

This Catalyst shows how, using 5G, CSPs can offer differentiated services and guarantee their quality, bandwidth and security addressing aviation-specific requirements. It demonstrates how complex, multi-partner 5G services can be designed, mapped to appropriate slice types, ordered in a few clicks via a marketplace, orchestrated and predictively assured with closed loop automation, and charged/billed – all while ensuring cost-effective deployment of network resources for increased competitiveness.

Though this catalyst focuses on the aviation industry, many areas explored within it are highly applicable for CSPs addressing other vertical industries.

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