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Company Overview


We were also finalist for these other award categories:
  • Outstanding Catalyst – business impact
  • Best new Catalyst in show
  • Outstanding CurateFx ecosystem design
For years, Telcos have been chasing Catalog driven order management, now, we've extended that to include assurance. What we've built in the Dynamic Architecture catalyst is Catalog Driven Fulfilment and Assurance. Product and Service specifications are dynamically referenced from the Product or Service catalogs to drive fulfilment and the way that those products and services are assured - all without the need for IT projects to on-board, fulfil or assure any new Product or Service that might be needed.

Our participants all provide essential components within the catalyst:
  • DGIT Systems has deployed their Telflow catalog driven order management platform for the customer order management layer
  • Fujitsu have deployed their Fujitsi Service Orchestrator to provide the Service layer - catalog, inventory & order menagement
  • Servicenow have deployed their Assurance capabilities for both Products & Services though their CMDB that is automatically populated by the Product and Service inventores.
  • Deliotte Consulting have driven the strategic direction to the catalyst ensureing that the solution meets the needs of CSPs around the world.
This revolutionary capability is enabled by TM Forum standards including :
  • TM Forum OpenAPIs - enabling the rapid integration of systems 
  • TM Forum Information Framework (SID) - providing a common language for components to components
  • TM Forum Process Framework (eTOM) - delivering a heriarchical process model to drive product independent fulfilment processes
Come along and check out out recorded video to the right - or message the team book a time with the team for a one-on-one walk-through.

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