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Company Overview

Please Join our next Catalyst LIVE Demo on Friday November 6th at 15:00 CET.
Join by Zoom: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89169201894?pwd=TElIN1I0NGREVW04V21aNGVwek02QT0

The Edge holds the promise of adapting compute and network in real-time to optimize content and application delivery that efficiently exceeds experience expectations of consumers and enterprises. 5G, cloud-native, and AI initiatives may provide the infrastructure, but the truck-roll telco edge operational model and the lack of standards to connect the Edge to the software that will leverage it threaten the target Edge outcomes. 

What is required is an automated, zero-touch Edge solution enabling service providers, developers, applications, and content providers to deliver tiger-like agility to their customers’ needs with a standardized Edge Compute as a Service (ECaaS).  

This Catalyst project demonstrates this solution in action as an exceptional experience is delivered to event developers/suppliers (e.g. concert, sporting/gaming event, exhibition, etc) leveraging pre-scheduled ECaaS packages (e.g. capacity, image recognition, surveillance, doors lock/unlock, emergency services, etc.) at a venue when a crisis occurs, requiring real-time reconfiguration of the edge to deliver public safety emergency services. 

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