# Cloud Native IT & Agility
# Beyond Connectivity
# The Human Factor
# IT Transformation
# APIs
# Automation and Orchestration solutions
# Digital Maturity & Transformation
# Digital Ecosystems
# Open Digital Architecture
# Proof-of-concept
# IoT
# 5G
# Consulting
# Diversity & Inclusion
# AI & machine learning
# Customer engagement solutions
# IT Automation and Orchestration Solutions
# Business Transformation

Company Overview

Leverage your legacy assets to offer differentiated customer journeys, by methodically transitioning to a cloud-native setup. Our “Legacy to Cloud-native kit” renders ready-to-deploy digital tools, automation frameworks and services aligned to TMForum Open Digital Architecture, to help you build scale and efficiency while standardizing cloud-native components across group companies and reducing OpEx costs.
Torry Harris Integration Solutions (THIS) are trusted advisors to CSPs worldwide, helping them extend the power of digital access through integration. As a recognized leader in API Strategy and delivery, we bring two decades of focused expertise in accelerating CSP digital transformation initiatives, API Management, Digital Ecosystem Enablement and Digital Marketplace strategies. 
Headquartered in USA, THIS has offices in UK, Ireland, France, Austria, Germany and UAE, with development centres in Bangalore (India).

For more details about Torry Harris, contact Shuba Sridhar and Srini P.

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