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Company Overview

triPica is a Digital Telco as a service platform. Born digital and cloud native, triPica enables the launch of a digital telco brand in record times and at a fraction of the cost of traditional BSS and CRM players.

From an app and web interface, the customer is empowered to build her service package picking and choosing from a selection of connectivity services, devices and additional options (you can look up www.yoodo.com.my to get an idea of how it could work on a mobile scenario).

The commercial model is orchestrated through a single catalog, where the operator marketing team can configure the product and service portfolio components. Any change in the catalog, is immediately reflected on the customer interface. Once configured the service, the first-time Customer can identify himself by scanning his ID and taking a selfie, enter his payment details and order his new service package in a very simple way and in a few minutes. There is no need to visit the shop. Once the order is completed, the customer can receive his physical order (devices and/or SIM cards) at home or at his chosen collection point. With e-SIM devices, this experience is even smoother, as activation happens seamlessly at enrolment, and customers are able to use the service straight away.

After the service is activated, the customer remains in control of its configuration, and he can change it at any time and with real time effect. From the same App, he can access customer service and receive support if he needs it. The platform, has embedded sophisticated marketing tools, allowing the creation of referral marketing schemes (member gets member) and next best actions mechanisms, allowing the automatic execution of individually tailored campaigns.

Completely built on microservices architecture, triPica SaaS allows easy integration, constant feature enrichment and a drastic change of game in lifecycle cost.

triPica was established in 2016 by a talented team who had created and launched the first digital telco play in France. triPica operates globally and has customers in Asia, Europe and the Americas.

For more details about triPica, contact Mathieu Horn.

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