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Vertical industry telcos: A federated DLT-based marketplace


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Catalyst Demo Session

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Vertical industry telcos: A federated DLT-based marketplace - Catalyst demo

Our speakers: Tayeb Ben Meriem, Anand Adhiappan, Alexey Vedin, Alexey Sushkov

Catalyst White Paper 

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Partnerships, ecosystems and marketplaces are becoming crucial instruments that help CSPs in building their Digital transformation strategies. This ecosystem-driven approach along with new technological drivers such as AI, 5G are opening up new business opportunities that accelerate the ability of CSPs to engage with new sectors and markets.

CSPs view verticals (such as automotive, Industry 4.0, smart cities) as a critical segment for driving new revenue in the future, making the role of partners and ecosystems even more crucial. In the medium to long term, CSPs will face a huge CAPEX issue in deploying 5G infrastructures. This is the reason why they seek new investment models to overcome those challenges. 

This Catalyst project will explore new business models and value propositions with the main goal to deliver and assure new digital services (network slices) in an agile, cost-effective and profitable manner to all partners of the ecosystem. This implies building by design an ecosystem of network platforms supporting key capabilities that ensure increasing trust, reducing settlement time and reducing risks and frauds. Therefore, distributed ledger technology (DLT), also called blockchain, is gaining traction as a potential candidate for building in CSP environments and in the whole ecosystem.

Building upon the previous phases of the Catalyst, known as “Blockchain-based Telecom Infrastructure Marketplace”, this project is working to create new open standards for interactions in distributed marketplaces and to offer a variety of practical use cases to cover the new needs of CSPs of any kind.

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